The Carvoeiro Clube Group

Rentals & Services

Over 40 years experience

The Carvoeiro Clube Group is a touristic enterprise in Carvoeiro/Algarve with a property management and a real estate section in two separate companies:

  • Carvoeiro Clube Actividades Turísticas Lda.
  • Quinta da Palmeira Mediação Imobiliaria Lda.

Carvoeiro Clube is the property management company administrating and maintaining mostly holiday resorts and individually owned properties in and around Carvoeiro/Algarve.

 The Company currently engages over 200 employees and ensures the management of and provide services in the following resorts around Carvoeiro:

Furthermore, large service contracts are celebrated between Carvoeiro Clube and the Pestana Group for resorts in Carvoeiro Golf and Palm Gardens. Carvoeiro Clube also provides the Condominium Management in various resorts in the area.



The beginning

The company was established and founded in 1982. However, the first activities go back to the early 1970’s, when tourism first started in the Algarve. That was even before the Revolution of 1973.

Over the years, and with the development of tourism in the eighties and nineties, Carvoeiro and the surrounding areas have become one of the most important and attractive holiday spots in the Algarve, but, thanks to the vision of the original owner and developer of the Carvoeiro Clube Group, the area was kept free of high rise buildings and big hotel complexes.

That is why the Carvoeiro area is now a very sought after destination and one of the top locations for clients that return year after year because they know that they will find high quality touristic environment.

Year of foundation
Carvoeiro Clube Lda.:

Managed villas and apartments:
over 200

Number of employees: 125

The present

Today, Carvoeiro Clube Lda. is one of the largest enterprises in the tourism industry in the Algarve with over 400 units (villas and apartments) currently under management. The growth of our company will continue because many resorts, developments and property owners are looking for good and reliable management, that offer an all-inclusive package, which is not easy to find.

It is the Group’s vision to remain the best service provider and resort manager in the Carvoeiro-Lagoa area in order to continue to be popular and attractive as the top holiday destination in the Algarve with that something extra, which will make sure that many happy clients will return in the future and recommend us to others.